What is love without sex and sex without love? It ebbs and flows like the tide, it’s really just a carnival ride!!!? But sex now that’s shit storm of a mind game unless one just wants to feel total body pleasure and nothing else!!! Sex is the attempt of recieving/sending a sexual transmitted disease. Love […]

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From a Darwinistic view, every capacity for emotion evolved as a product of genetic adaptation. Emotions, then, are biochemical-based illusions that evolved to propagate genes. Pleasure, happiness, emotions, and desire: these are the evolutionary tricks that promoted the survival of our ancestors. The “happiness” and “sadness” of present day humans are the genetically adaptations of […]

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….but how is it selfish and immoral ? Like what fuck are you supposed to do ? Ask the unborn fetus if it’s wants to be born ? Do you realize how retarded and imbecilic you sound ? Stop it. Get some help. a) nonexistent consent; consent not given b) every reason to procreate is […]