These is dedicated to everybody who stood besides me

Everybody who believed in me

Everybody who still with me in the strom

Everybody who never gave up

Everybody with a dream

Everybody wants to do something

Who could stop us? Nobody


He dont need anything, he dont need anyone

He dont need to do things a few or so many done

Everyone is talking but im here still hear nothing


Everyone is waching

Dont u put him with the rest cause everyone is not him


he dont need love now

he dont need friendship

when he really needed them everyone descended


So he is alone but he lives in his mind now

And  his thoughts are a shine now


I write my own faith

I write my own life

No one can blind me cause

I light my own sight


Now hes a froce that you dont want to wreck with

Lives by the moon no light to connect with


Life is like an ocean that you could never measure

Fall in it one time and drown in it, and is pressure

He once fell in it, but he had to stand, up not for himself but his family, for sure

Then he took a vow that he never gonna look back

But he is only human, his mind never took facts


I made a world in my mind to begin with

Im kind of emperor, which like the period it ends with

Now im focused and im back on my own now

Nothing gonna stop me, my aim for the throne now


Six months is a long time

Everyone I talk to, I try to get along fine

But my mind draws this imaginary long line

You could never cross it or break it, its called time


So I keep a distance away just to fix things

I cant even think straight im running on instincts

Aint length left that I havent through

In this past life god knows what I have been through


But I never gave up anything can test me

I can do anything please god bless me

You could even push me you could even beat me

Put my face in the ground, kick me and leave me

But I promise you, one thing ill stack up

Everytime I fall down ill right back up


Imma do me till death stands above me

Then I believe that the world cant stop me

And I believe even life cant face me

And I believe even fate cant erase me


So I believe destiny is now bluffing

And this is me then im not stoping at nothing


Urban words :

“Imma Do Me” I’m going to do whatever I want


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