26 September 2012 pukul 19:46

Biafra Child's

Biafra Child’s


They say, that I wont make it, through this struggle world and its impossible

Like I was born, with a hole in my heart, is an obstacle

I was left to die by the doctors, in the Children’s Hospital

But I never lose hope, success is psychological


Some people say the world is volatile and the street is their education

Shaping their destiny like full of affliction

You don’t know what they have been through

They got inattention and humiliation

Besides living in apprehension along botheration

So I’m focused on my economic situation


Some of them foraging by dig through the trash

They know they doing something abash

But there’s no choice, day by day, they fash the gash


Im hustle everyday, regardless of the way you talk shit and laugh

Cause I know, the only things left is hope that I have

A lot of them drop education and science then dont know about the math

Finally their mind is narrower and more further from the righteous path

It’s become reason why some people will kill you for cash

And then I saw tattoos on their throat written “Freedom at Last”


The cold war is over but the world is still gettin colder

The burdon getting heavy on my shoulders

While Im walking through in this struggle

I would like to raise my children to grow to be soldiers

But then the general, would decide when their life would be over

And this things will ended up when they come back home as cadaver

So I work hard until my personality split

Hope there is some cracks of light still lit


They said I would never be shit, but now I sit and reminisce

Cause my reality and my expectations have become coalesce


So if I should ever fall and get caught in a hustle

Let them know that I died while I fought in a struggle

Then Im look like the rich kids who lost his bubble

Then I cry silently staring out the sky

I saw the angles comes hold the gospel downs

Like my times is comes and its depends on countdowns


So Im down at this lonley road, full of gravel

Spray painting on the streets and at the subway tunnels

Write it down and remember that we never gave in

The mind of mine is where the revolution begins

All the answers just needed look into yourself

And you cant find it at anywhere else


Everytime you hit the street, you back to the hustle

All you need is took yourself and drown the bustle

The fate that you fough, you need mettle to embattle

Cause you have muscle to wrestle


But the emptiness is what bleeds you to death when it cuts you

Everyone and this muthfucker life try to fuck you

Trying to fight the system from inside, eventually corrupts you

But thats what you get when you put a corporation above you

And it’s the people that love you that seem to hurt you the most

Sometimes when they die you find yourself cursing their ghost

But you make success, nobody delivers your fate

Sometimes you give and you take

And thats the truth about the life

If you don’t believe you will see it in afterlife

Because even though we survived through the struggle that made us

We still look at ourselves through the eyes of people that hate us


Lot of a shit that I have been trough

But you don’t know a shit about what I do

I got nothing, cause the pain is the only that I have

Post-traumatically scar, I try to be brave

Turn like templar during the crusades

Become someone new like achilles

Sometimes I afraid of responsibility and addicted to greed

But I try to convinced myself, to take the lead, therefor Imma willingly to bleed

Every religion that we used to believe

As if we were bound to the destiny we used to receive


I used to wonder about people who don’t believe in themselves

But then I saw the way that they imagine become someone else

That cursed us, then only see the worst in ourselves

Blind to the fact the whole time we were hurting ourselves


Everyday I caught in hustle

Then I used to wonder

When its all over


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