Look I know your probably too busy to check this bro

But you’re the only one I can trust

You’re the one that taught me, real life is tough

People struggle more than others, I fell like im the one


All I ever do, is listen to you

Something aside me, tell’s me this is the truth

I know you feel the pain

But I do, and sometimes I even wish I was you


I didn’t care about our game

Just reminisce, our foretime

when through the tough time, when we don’t get a dime


I just only came to see you

See the passion in your veins

When you spary me with deep tunes

No one else understand, but me and you

Yeah, we do

You’ll probably get this off, but I’m a writer too


I’ve attached one of my bars to

All the things I wrote, it’s just for you

I pray you, to stay true

Never change your attitude

Just be the same guy like our childhood


Feel like I’ve known you forever

You’re not a utilizer

Remember our youth

When we have just our sooth


And I never had a clue

When my future still vague

Now I’m lost without no-one, thinking what to do

What would you do?


My Time’s are crucial

The only thing I possess now, sacrificial

Is heaven try wanna test me?

Don’t understand, why they start at me ?

I feel empty inside

Like im the one who trapped in seaside

All the rest of them just hung me out and left me to dry

Then I use to sit there and cry


Dear Jim, I’ve been following you for some time now

When I’m pissed I read to your bars and I wind down

If I could take just five minutes of your time

Perhaps I just bothering on you at bedtime

Just to read this, and like give me your advice

Or should I make a sacrifice ?

You see me, I feels like giving up on life, last time we spoke

I told you, I giving up on hope


Somtime im gone, misisng and ain’t picking up the phone

I left a note, saying I ain’t coming home


Please Jim, it would mean so much if you try

If anyone can reach out of me

Trust me it’s you

Just hit me, Tell me what I should do

Or maybe you could just give me a confidence boost

I impressed with you, Its like your every single word to honor and pride

it’s real like that you’re righteous, you will write back right ?


And one more thing, Before I stop all the talking

Even if you don’t reply, It wont stop me supporting

Like nothing is gonna stop you breathing

I just pray that myself  makes change in the morning

Imma go, cause im probably boring

Just know, I wouldn’t hit you up, if it wasn’t important

And I hope, all the things I worte is osculant

I guess that’s just what emotions do

I show you mine, you show me your emotions too

Plus you know that I’m devote, I suppose I owe it to you

And then I’m tell about you

when no-one knew you

I know you’ll understand

But im the only one who Inconversant


Never knew I was pretend

I ain’t spreading the truth, I use to represent

Now I forgetting my roots

Maybe  I’m just a liar in the booth

I thought, I couldn’t deal with fakes

Im a coward and a fake

I’ve suddenly become another me

I should bow my head in shame

Every hour I’m in pain



My dad knows the path I chose, How much I grow

But now no-one’s here, Dad  I’m alone

Like I’m drown on my own

And he keeps telling me son “don’t stress”

But he don’t know how rocky the road gets

All I ever get this, and whatever im going through, is always knew

I would make it

Probably I must go out, searching for my own inspirit

Under the moontlight, try to deal with it

But I made nothing, my life a lot harder

Cause the questing from my father cause he knows I got narda (nothing)


I’m try wanna do right, but I came too far to go left

And I ain’t gonna let them get the best of my process

Cause god’s plans all I got in this life

Can’t see sell my soul I lost that along with my mind


Do you think, you and me are the same ?

I don’t even know how I’m still in the game[1]

Well, let’s see if you real like that

Hey Jim, you think you will write back ?


Maybe, you got some problems of your own in it

That’s wht you came out and you never answere your phone in it

Or you at home just wanna be alone in it

Then you said I’ll try my best to help if I can

But I don’t hold the world in my hands


I’m so confused, I don’t know who I’m suppose to choose

Imma take this chance to make sure know the truth

Like, you might be going through hell

Understand this I ain’t writing aswell


Note :

[1] Life


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