From : Final Message For My Bruv

Somtime im gone, misisng and ain’t picking up the phone

I left a note, saying I ain’t coming home

I guess that’s just what emotions do

I show you mine, you show me your emotions too

My dad knows the path I chose, How much I grow

But now no-one’s here, Dad I’m alone

Like I’m drown on my own

And he keeps telling me son “don’t stress”

But he don’t know how rocky the road gets

All I ever get this, and whatever im going through, is always knew

I would make it

Probably I must go out, searching for my own inspirit

Under the moontlight, try to deal with it

But I made nothing, my life a lot harder

Cause the questing from my father cause he knows I got narda (nothing

I’m try wanna do right, but I came too far to go left

From : Contemplation #11

What good is being laughed at when youre wounded

Or not to be warned when you was wrongheaded

Im blind with eyes open wide

We was hiding hopeless times

Hopless jobs hopless life

Hope I fly through the open sky

Feel like ground molten inside my mind

As I get high alone I zone through octobers coldest night

Broken heart, open mind, know my past, know the skies, know im art

Know im kind, it is dark, show me light.

Let me out of the cage and become igniter

Or stay on your cage and you will regret it seconds later

Then you become infighter

we don’t ever beg a favour

We don’t ever beg a friend

Its just the ends that we represent

From : Contemplation #10

You are not gonna find the man that you are

If you cower in the face of the challenge trace your path

From : Contemplation #9

Everyone got own story behind himself

If you judge anyone it doesn’t make any sense

Cause we are live in a completely different ends

But I’m not gonna stop as long as the clocks ticking

How about you? What you doing..

Don’t stupid, don’t sleep at that box, and waiting..

I ain’t gonna stop till I got plaques in the hall way

I just need focus in my all day

Try not to listen to them, anyway

Cause they don’t understand, what you’ve been through on your way

Now it looking bitter

My dreams was shatter

I breathed out

Searching for the way out

Their was a time when i couldn’t read or write

Cause what is surrounded me is not a light

Now just take a tight hold of this hand that im reaching

My head feels like its guna hit the fucking cealing

Im feeling my heart beeting as im looking for reason

Searching for meaning

Im wide awake and feel like im dreaming

Now im sure that you can see these tears in my eyes

Asking you the same question and all i hear is lies

This is your disguise if you want to hide take your time

Your the love of my life and i just wanna make you mine

From : Contemplation #2

The cold war is over but the world is still gettin colder

The burdon getting heavy on my shoulders

While Im walking through in this struggle

I would like to raise my children to grow to be soldiers

But then the general, would decide when their life would be over

And this things will ended up when they come back home as cadaver

So I work hard until my personality split

Hope there is some cracks of light still lit

So if I should ever fall and get caught in a hustle

Let them know that I died while I fought in a struggle

I love when I start spit my own struggle

Write it down and remember that we never gave in

The mind of mine is where the revolution begins

All the answers just needed look into yourself

And you cant find it at anywhere else

Lot of a shit that I have been trough

But you don’t know a shit about what I do

I got nothing, cause the pain is the only that I have

Post-traumatically scar, I try to be brave

Turn like templar during the crusades

Become someone new like achilles

Sometimes I afraid of responsibility and addicted to greed

But I try to convinced myself, to take the lead, therefor Imma willingly to bleed

Every religion that we used to believe

As if we were bound to the destiny we used to receive

From : Contemplation #5

God, if you really there..???

So you gotta see me, and show me..

That you really care, I Swear..

From : Contemplation #8

Be still… Sad heart… !!!

Nobody want theyself hurts..

Pain.. !!! Please…cease ripping..

I know behind the clouds the sun still shining

You fate is the common fate of all

Into each life some rain must fall

When the night stand, Stars still shining,

Your sadness doesn’t mean anything

First time I looked at you

I saw love in the eyes of a perfect stranger

you overlooked my caring heart in search of another

Will we ever be together ? …

And, we can know each other for further

Can we tie a longer relationship, only time will tell

She call my phone and talked to me as her eyes would swell (break up)

Right now I’m through with the trying on my way

In otherside, I think you seems ready to fly away

I settle for less so when I’m tired of stress (stress over you)

I go through with the motions pretending I’m at my best (when I met you)

Look to the sky, don’t be content with the now

You ain’t concerned with the why, you just wanna know how

I didn’t give her the chance, when you just wanna be down

And save me from myself, but I’m wanting to drown

When I get my success, I will cover your hair with crown

At least you know ..

I can’t be what you want me to be

You’re shooting too high,,, cause you ain’t aiming at me

I guess that’s what’s been bothering me

Next time, you make your self harder to reach, harder to see

If I make a call, don’t be frustrated at me

So if you ready to fly, just forget about me

But if you willing to try, then I’m willing to leap

Out of the window of pain, and fall in love at your feet again (the fact’s I cant forget you, never ever)

I ain’t the man you want me to be

I guess that’s what’s been bothering me

If it don’t touch my sou then, I can’t listen to it

From : Contemplation #4

I write my own faith

I write my own life

No one can blind me cause

I light my own sight

But I never gave up anything can test me

I can do anything please god bless me

You could even push me you could even beat me

Put my face in the ground, kick me and leave me

But I promise you, one thing ill stack up

Everytime I fall down ill right back up

So I believe destiny is now bluffing

And this is me then im not stoping at nothing

From : Contemplation #1

This is the point which I could never return

And if I back down now then forever I will be mourn

The point which I could never retreat

I will die like forcemeat, and I wont be defeat

This is become point which I will die and succeed

Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed

From now on it can never be the same as before

Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

From : Diabolics

Some people say death take you to a better place but I doubt it

Cause when you look over dead body and they never spoke about it


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