16 Februari 2014 pukul 21:27


She’s got long black hair

She’s about five foot three

The most beautiful girl That I’ve ever seen. And guess what I’ve got to say.


She’s mine and no one else

She’s my girlfriend

Imaginary that is..


The only person in the world for me. But, she was never real.

She will never be..

The more that I hope, the less that I see, that she will never be here. Not even that day.

I sit in my room, all day long. No one to talk to. And yet there I stay. None of you understand me like she does. Well, because she can. She’s my imaginary girlfriend.



In my dark room, there’s no one here. Why do I stay? When all of you are there..

Why would I leave? To talk to one of you. To have my heartbroken.

When all I want is here..


She’s my imaginary girlfriend.


That wouldnt ever leave me. Even if I asked her to. She’d stay by my side

So much for you.

She’s always here when I’m sad, even the darkest times.

She’s the one that I love. But, to bad it won’t be real.



I don’t need one of you!

I don’t want this to end!

Till the day that I die..


She’ll always be my friend, even when I’m old and can barely hear her voice will ring out.


Just as crisp and clear.

She’s my girlfriend.


She’s just imaginary..

And she’s here for me.


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