24 Agustus 2013 pukul 23:05


Lately I’ve been hard to reach

I’ve been too long on my own

Sometimes I turn off my cellphone, At the same time I don’t wanna be alone

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone

So I rather the face, the fact to be dying alone

Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through?

Are you reaching out to me? I’m reaching out to you


It feel like I ain’t got common sense

Im not play for defense, I play for offense

All the years trying to conquer this

And I aint got recompense

Been on this path so long, worked so hard

Still feel like I ain’t accomplished a shit

All the time I struggled, soul got humbled

Let myself know that im capable

Cause I’m from rock bottom, when young people die



They say my work is an accomplishment

Hard for me to take a compliment

Cause it cant make me contentment

When I turned 18, left my home

Packed my bags, said “I’m gone”

Mom wanted me to stay home but I’ll never be grown if I don’t do this on my own


She had my back, gave her last

Even when all she had was scraps

While im sleep I just with my wraps

Now I’m in crowd, but don’t know nobody

In my head I just know become somebody

Got a clean slate gotta start from scratch

So I come, I see, and I snatch



Oh Lord how I can land on my feet

While im face so many things in this streets

I don’t remember weeks

Wondering who truly am I, that I seek


I was too proud to call home for money

In fact at that time I don’t get any

so I toughed it out and I just ain’t eat

while im stand, I feel shivering on my feet

My friend died seen him in my dreams

remember when we play the same rhymes

Crying all night so I just ain’t sleep

So pain is deep, and wipe getting seep

Probably needed therapy, but it cost too much

Work daylong and no one get in touch

So I told ? play that beat

success is revenge to pay all my sweat.


For my people that know what it’s like to be a starving

I mean literally starving every night trying to live your dream

Searching for the meaning even the under of the moondeam

I know shit gets hard sometimes but it’s going to be alright

Like after grizzle day, and it turn into something bright

Gotta brush yourself off and keep going

Do what you gotta do, just keep going

It’s going to come to you

And that’s all I have to do



Some of ya’ll motherfuckers got the nerve

To sit and talk about what I deserve

Before this I several night without sleep and with some fucking weep

Cause pain laydown so deep

You don’t know how I produce of my sweat

Or what I’ve been through on my single step of my feet

And maybe that don’t mean shit to you but I know what that meant to me

That mentally, I would not stop ’til I got everything that was meant for me


Some people jerked me I ain’t get mad

Ima just doing what think is right

Put me on first when I shoulda went last

Im just tryna give my best

Fuck this education, need it to pursue my dream

Paying for equipment with money I ain’t have

This all becoming shockwave

So I keep workin for the wage that I save

But I cant life my whole life as slave

Till ended up in grave

So I rather dying and struggling in pave

These game ain’t like me and I was too different

It caused by I came off countercurrent


Guess you could say I was just prepared

Or you could say that I just ain’t care

I ain’t gotta diss you all back, it’s the mentality that’s gonna keep me there


Cmon men, this is source of life

All you gotta do is dodge from this bullet

Just think about , its all just driblet

And take this as gauntlet


To all dreamers..

There’s gonna be people that doubt you

And there’s gonna be people that try to stop you


I always used to say to myself, “Success is gonna be my revenge”

That’s what you gotta do

If somebody hate on you don’t feed into it

Hate only begets more hate you feel me?


Don’t let nobody tell you what you’ve been through

You tell them what you’ve been through


Born premature could have died right then

Almost drowned could have died when I was ten

In the water I sunddenly become stone age man

Then I try to swim when I was twelve

And now I can breath in water at the end

God could have took me again and again

We all gonna go but we don’t know when

Life is a gift so while I’m here then

Perhaps im being here by luck or by purpose then

To become the stronger man

So I rather like, I was here by some meaning

Like I used to contemplate in the morning


I know that life does have a purpose

But GOD knows my heart so I ain’t nervous

We’re all working, ain’t nobody perfect

End of the day I’m just a person


So, to all you goody two-shoes

With your big words and your new shoes

And your new suits, what do you do?

Besides criticize and that benefits who?

So, instead of just using me

How about really helping the community?

Poverty is the real issue and that right there is way bigger than you and me


And to the people that talk like they’re holier than thou

And talk down on people like they do no wrong

Ain’t nobody perfect

That includes you you feel me?

Talking down to people never helped nobody

I know this hook right here is helping somebody out more than you ever could

What’s your motive? I do what I do to help people

Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do


Don’t do the right thing because you want somebody to praise you for it later

Cause sometimes the right thing goes without praise

And I accept that. I’m outta here.


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