‘I remember mystep father had beated me with hanger, pieces of wood and all kind of stuffs. After every beating he would tell me, “you hurting me more than that i’ve hurted you. I did it cause I love you” it is kinda communicate me with kind of wrong message about what love was..’

‘So many years, I thought love was, It is all about hurt, and I hurt everybody that I love.. and I measured love by how much pain someone hurted by me.’

Melancholy is a species of sadness that arises when we are open to the fact that life is inherently difficult. Maybe suffering contributes to our development.

Understanding is grasping without rage… often sadness simply makes a lot of sense.

Just focus why there is still time..

I will listen to all your needs let me help you. Let me ease your stress with kind words and a warm heart. We can fix you together…

she might play violent, but that doesnt mean she wont and doesnt like you. she talks with a dirty mouth, but that doesnt mean she actually mean them. she refuses to be romantic, but that doesnt mean that she isnt; all of these actions just to avoid liking anybody. just to risk herself from being broken again.

Crying doesnt only define weakness.

Its like water and glass;
youre the glass and as much water has been filling you up, you try hard to keep the water steady, to prevent it from spilling.

But once in a while, glasses will break and with just one drop of that glass, it shatters and the water spills.

You were and are as strong as that glass. that glass didnt shatter bc it was weak, wasnt it? its bc it cant automatically control itself from shattering or that sometimes we cant control ourselves so we just break down.

We arent magic. we cant always keep our feelings to ourselves. but sometimes we have to cry bc we have to. not bc we’re weak. and who cares if people finds it or sees it that way. this is you who we’re talking about and not them.

So stay strong.

It’s goodbye for now.. We met at the wrong time, if it’s meant to be im sure we will run into each other again. I’m not prepared to give my all to someone that hasn’t given me half. If you cannot see your wrong then we are delaying the inevitable.

The moon shines in the sky on a dark night from the light to the sun and the sun doesn’t give the light to the moon assuming the moon is going to owe it on

Tell me about the war in your skin , and I will tell you that I love you still.

ㅤStuck between not hurting her but destroying me and hurting both of us. it’s just not fair sometimes is it, but that’s the price to pay for love

If you were to stab me in the back, i would say sorry for bleeding on you

I’m quiet because i like to listen. not because i don’t car



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