“tell them i was the
warmest place you knew
and that you turned me cold.”

I am sorry for still holding on to the idea of us.
Yes, I know…
I knofw, that you are nothing but a heartache to me now.
But, at least, at the end of the night…
I have something to write about.

And writing is something that never gave up on me.
All I have is writing…
All that is left is to write…
And I can’t afford to lose it as well…

I can’t afford to lose another piece of me. I’m sorry, I just can’t.

Setiap manusia punya rasa takut. Sementara, ketakutan terbesar manusia adalah kematian. Di sinilah agama muncul. Hanya agama yang mampu memberi gambaran kehidupan setelah mati.

Di sini pula letak permasalahannya. Tak ada satu pun manusia yang pernah bangkit dari kematian dan menceritakan bagaimana hidupnya setelah mati. Agama pun hanya menyandarkan bukti dari kitab suci. Sementara diperkirakan ada 5.000 agama di dunia. Bagaimana kita menguji kebenarannya?

Akhirnya, agama hanya menjawab dengan satu kata: iman. Iman artinya percaya. Jika ada sebuah teks agama yang mengatakan pernah ada manusia yang bisa membelah Jupiter, penganutnya wajib percaya. Tidak percaya artinya dia tidak beriman. Dan hukumannya neraka.

you know i dont dramatize things not because im young or i lack of perspective, yes we are gazing at each other, but are we looking together in the same direction?

if only when i see and accept the good in her qualities is that mean are we able to complement each other?

yes i think that through the times, perhaps i just have mellowed.. this kinda feelings puzzling and messing aroung with my mind.

am i your significant other, or is all about you, who have not tried so hard to give affection much, or am i in relationship or love that i dont used to.

besides i dont wanna be a sculptor on you who chisel away at a stone to create a figure, but can i make her become the bloom as a gardener would.

Never let what you feel make you forget what’s real. Facts over feelings. Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

“Real” Isn’t who’s with you at your Celebration…”Real” is who’s standing next to you at rock bottom. “



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