I am just sitting here being myself.
like I could sit and just be someone else.
Just living my life day to day.
Looks like I’m living it the same anyway.

I wake up in the morning.
And I look outside.
Trying to fight wanting to hide.
So I turn around and sit down.
And I wonder how life could be upside down.

Cause all I wanna be is someone new.
Somewhere different where I cant lose.
Maybe Im living in a new land.
Maybe Im somewhere where I can stand.

Cause I can only change.
What I want in my life.
Cause I can only do.
What I want when it’s time.
And no ones else’s opinions could stand in front of mine.

But I let them in every time.
I wonder why.
Cause all I wanna be.
Is me.
It can’t be hard just walking down the street.
But second guessing is nature and all I wanna see.
Is that for once someone wants to be like me.


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