i’d like to wake up next to you
and smile for real
i could wrap my clammy fingers around your soft ones
i’d watch you beautifully sleep peacefully
and everything would be so lively

i’d treat you like a queen, even if you said no
i’d find you as gorgeous as the sparkling night time snow
and i already do
and as i write this i think i’m falling in love a little more
but i’d treat you better than i treat myself
even if you said you’d never need a hero
well i don’t care if you refuse
cause this is how i’ll choose to treat you
and everything will be so lively

give you little kisses sometimes
tell you that i hope you’re mine
again and again until the end, but
i know things aren’t always until the “very” end
but i’d still treat you as best i could
hold you close, and never let go

i’d dance with you even when i doubted myself
i’d do anything just to see you smile and feel well
i’d hold your hand in mine, fingers intertwined
taking in your beauty, so close to me
i’d be shaking and nervous, because i’m a fool
i always make myself look silly and uncool
but i hear you laugh when i’m awkward,
and then i feel so happy too

and late at night when i’m petrified,
i hope you’re here to hold me tight
tell me that i’ll never be alone
that you’re not leaving me behind with everything we ever owned
but even if i look at you with glassy tired eyes
it means waking up and realizing that it was all a lie
in my head, oh, that dream is long gone and dead

hold your hand in mine even though
we both know there’s no necessity for it
it’s just that i wanna know you’re here
it’s not creepy, i just don’t wanna be alone
i’d tell you that i love you every single day
and i’d pray to hear that you feel the same way
even though we both know
that that’ll never happen, and it’ll never be real.

and everything will never be lively.


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