The Alexithymia Blueprint

I believe I will see you again,
not in this perception of life

familiar, but perhaps,
not in their intellection of recognition

we’ll dance,
unzipped from anatomy
two balls of light, almost connecting
brushing past one another

creating a friction, and leaving behind
such well-formed design

from one brief wisp of astral architecture
we made the universe a fraction less confusing
then followed our own trajectories
twin galaxies, screaming towards the last free pockets
in the fabric of a cosmos

a blush of matter, spread infinite
free, yet still clinging to the fibres of our afterglow
and just as to some, an eclipse
is nothing but a wink
a clap of shade
an exasecond

your involuntary micro expression left a fist print
in my solar plexus
to the quantum of time,
I learn,
I donate a rib,
I set a boson timer,

I believe I will be introduced to you


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