I bet we have all been to the season of sleepless nights with empty bottles of beers and ashes of cigars.

If not yet, then wait for it.

We have all been in front of the mirror.

We have all stared blankly at our reflection as we tried to wipe away the tears that welled up in our eyes, and we hate how they just won’t stop flowing when we want them to.

We have all asked ourselves the FAQs: What the hell is wrong with me?

Why the hell am I not enough? We have all despised ourselves for being so stupid. Little did we know that it is not us, it is them.

We do not deserve the people who made us doubt our worth.

We do not deserve their love.

If they sincerely loved us, they would not have done that. But they did. They destroyed us.




The wind blows
The tears fall
The light comes
The darkness takes over
The cold melts
The heat freezes
The lost speak
The hurt scream
The normal well they go with the flow
But if u look within the eyes you can see the pain the fear the words they never did hear.



Terlepas sepakat atau tidaknya kita terhadap pandangan politik PKI (tidak semua tokoh kiri sepakat dengan PKI, di era PKI masih eksis pun ada partai-partai kiri lain yang tidak sehaluan dengan PKI, seperti PSI dan Partai Murba), wawancara ini menunjukan bahwa paradigma Pancasila sebagai ideologi tunggal di Indonesia tidak ada sebelum Orde Baru berkuasa.

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