So you want to know all about me? Who
Iam? I picked up the brush and canvas, then painted the face.

The face that tend to focus on the unpleasant aspects of their past, to those experiences that cause us to cringe, cry and hide.

You see? What made me despise the man in the mirror

Those hurts and failures make us want to hide our heads, all the while hoping that no one else has noticed or will notice them.

Enough to transform that man, turn him to into a stranger.

So you want to hear the whole story? Why I swerved.

Off the high road, hard left to nowhere.


Indifferent to those coughing my dust.

I Picked up speed.
When there is no limits, no top end.
It is just a high velocity rush.
To the madness, the real one.

For some of us, however it is not enough just to remember those experiences. Many of us tend to hyper focus on the negative aspects of those experiences to exclusion of all else. We allow those negative experiences to overshadow any good that we have done.


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