You’re words are bullets from a gun.
So dangerous, yet you drew me in.
So cold, yet I could feel your warmth.
You played with the gun like a toy.
Until you laid your finger on the trigger,
And shot me.

You’re eyes are hiding death.
So lonely, yet you made me believe.
So dark, yet I could see the light.
You melted into black like shadows.
Until you laid your shovel on the ground,
And buried me.

You’re love is poison.
So far gone, yet you brought me close.
So unreal, yet I could see the truth.
You created death from beauty like a reaper.
Until you laid your hand on my heart,
And killed me.

You’re mind is a sinking ship sailing.
So helpless, yet you made me rescue.
So deep, yet I was only reached the surface.
You saved those you could reach.
Until you found my body,
And drowned me.


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