Deep in the forest of tales
Following one of the glowing trails
Listen to the winds song
Telling of the fairy’s said to be gone
You will hear the men of the village
Tell of the bloody pillage
An end to the fairy’s so light
The magic surrounding them glowing bright
Follow the trails and dare not forget
Listen to the winds tales full of regret
It will tell of a single fairy, one so beautiful
You wouldn’t believe it true
Her forest bountiful
Her wings a bright blue
Follow the trail, see the lights
Listen to the tale, walking for nights
But if your heart is true
She will show herself to you
Her smile as she brushes your cheek
Will make you forget the long week
The wings so bright and blue
She will only show them to you
She will take you back
Handing you something wrapped
Her green eye’s will let free 2 tears
The only pain shown for years
In your hand is a seed
She says only with a heart free of greed
That it will grow, a forest so big
It will never snow, beauty from leaf to twig
Her eyes close as she gasps your hands tight
And in a blast of blue light
She disappears, dust flowing into the night…


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