I’m glad when others are happy, but it’s sometimes a little lonely to be surrounded everywhere by a happiness that is not your own 

Running from the guards
Our hands held each others tight
Through the castles yards
Covered in the moonlight
Two prisoners driven by hope
Strengthened by each other
Being one anothers reason to cope
Unblood related sister to brother
Marked for death by the brand
Traitors to this broken land

It will hurt today. It will hurt tomorrow. It will hurt a year from now, and ten years from now. It may even hurt forever. But it will not always hurt the same. Time does not ease, but time transforms.

Sometimes it feels like I’m looking through a pane of glass. I can see your mouth move, but can’t hear the words

I stare at the stars in my dreams ,they try to talk but are silenced by my demons inside that scream, I keep my mind open and serene , having dreams of loved ones being shattered by glock 18s and having infered beams on my team , I try to wake up but I’m swallowed by the darkness never to see the suns gleam , I wish I had a filter like a screen to keep my dreams clean…..

I don’t mind if there’s not much to say. Sometimes the silence guides our mind. – The Neighbourhood

I can’t make my thoughts quit torturing me as i climb. So i sit at the bottom waiting for you to find me. In my deafening silence i stare at the top of the mountain and i realize something that i hoped was true someone was coming to save me but that person wasn’t you.

Everyone seems to be drifting away. Even my close friends. Nothing bad has happened but it’s like people are slowly growing distant and hardly talking. Maybe I’m overthinking but this how people leave eventually.

Keep your head up. It’s easier to walk through the fire when you can see the ocean that lies ahead – Ninoi was true at some points about something, especially about me ‘It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste” – Margo Spiegelman.

I wonder if what I did made her hurt as much as she hurt me. Only fair, to trade hurt. But life isn’t fair.

Lets make a rhyme guys : roses are red, violets are blue… talk shit again and I’ll hit you with a shoe.

Much love to people who survive trauma and become dark versions of themselves, displaying a stony-hearted character and complete lack of emotion. you’re just as deserving of support as those who are left vulnerable.

“It’s okay to say you got a weak spot. You don’t always have to be on top. Better to be hated than loved, loved, loved for what you’re not.”

“Love will fuck you up more then drugs ever will”.

My heart is not a caged bird That will sing for you When you want to feel needed. Ini kesalahan gw, dan gw rasa elu bukan vending machine atau gw berharap seperti itu. Gw keluarkan uang 10 ribu, elu ga akan mengeluarkan minuman seharga 10 ribu. Bener kata elu. If you r not love, why you dont you just leave in first place? Instead of accepting love of mine. Player!

I dream of words, spoken into infinite space glittering on with heavy beauty, and shadow and no shame.

Dreaming of wonderlands, waking to wastelands.

I sit crying when it rains. My heart beats slow. Blood is rushing through my veins. Water touches my skin and turns to snow. I’m cold inside out. These voices wont stop talking. My failures that’s what they are about. Middle of the night and i can’t stop walking. Away from all the fears i had. From all the tears i shed. My mind is going crazy at night in my bed.

I stare at the stars in my dreams, they try to talk but are silenced by my demons inside that scream, i keep my mind open and serene, having dreams of ex one being shattered by glock 18s, i try to wake up but I’m swallowed by the darkness never to see the suns gleam, i wish i had a filter like a screen to keep my dreams clean…..

Simply, she doesn’t love me for ‘ME’

I’m all alone, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. And I am so lost sometimes. Im needy, I want to reach on rings of the Saturn and imagine to have sex there.

Need someone who can touch my feelings. Cause I can touch my D alone.



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