“some of what we do, we do
to make things happen;
the alarm to wake us up, the coffee to perc,
the car to start.

the rest of what we do, we do
trying to keep something from doing something;
the skin from aging, the hoe from rusting,
the truth from getting out.

with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ like the poles of a battery
powering our passage through the days,
we move, as we call it, forward
wanting to be wanted,
wanting not to lose the rainforest,
wanting the water to boil,
wanting not to have cancer,
wanting to be home by dark,
wanting not to run out of gas;

as each of us wants the other
watching at each end,
as we both want not to leave the other alone,
as wanting to love beyond this meat and bone,
we gaze across breakfast and pretend.”

( via. miller williams – love poem with toast)


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