A thousand bricks hit my head
Yet im still not dead
Sick, weak, lost im building for what’s ahead
It looks from the outside that i lost my sanity
In a world where information is so misconstrued
False truths, religion groups debating on what it truth
Division, discord, and whatever else that’s wrong we ignore
As long as we gratify our selfish needs and call it the love the world needs
But does humanity really know what love is?

Or just a self interpretation of one needs
How can it be that we have never evolved from these tragedies
We believe in technology more than our innner being
While we ignore what’s yearning in the inside of us
The world is stuck in a screen telling them what to believe
Sick ideas poisoning minds and regressing humanity
In to a degenerate generation not questioning the infrastructure they are living in
Accepting norms in society that’s not causing humanity to grow in a healthy state of mind but confusing and questioning yourself all the time
What do we do?

Do we ignore what we just heard and continue our comfortable lives of misery and despair
As long as we can pretend that we are satisfied and have friends who cares
Cause they acknowledge your comments and the pictures you’ve shared
But is that really you?

Or a life to just get followed or likes?

Isn’t the distractions just lies?

So you won’t search within but you hear it’s cries
Being different, unique and one of kind is your fingertips in this life
Wearing a mask as this life is passing you by
Caught up on Bullshit cause your scared to try, or maybe you don’t even know theirs another side

Wake up! Wake up! While there’s time
The choosen ones will arrive
Take heed and be an acceptable sacrifice


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