There are things about myself I let go. there are things about myself I hope no one will ever know. Take the time with me and you’ll surely find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is no sappy sad outburst trilogy box set mini series you get to watch on a public broadcasting station

This is my life my heart my difficultly mien Kampf as dark as to display the only way to explain…

There are things that will take decades of understanding let alone the calm pause to just sit me down and breathe..

Yes I will stop
Yes I will freeze up
Yess you’ll understand and underestimate how long it takes to really see. my mind is like clockwork with the manual not to far ahead fully exposed in a locked Glass box for all to see

Come as you are come as you see
Come as who you are what you truly be.

That is all I can display no parlor tricks no hidden agendas..

It took so long to get wrapped up and around the heartfelt and early demeanor. .

I’m a child inside but a bitter spent warhead laid against the grass
bombastic is the label but furious with heart is what they spoke of me so

Those fires that heat has been fanned and burnt out so long ago…

All I ever wanted was come over I’m trying to explain I’m trying to reason that doesn’t show any negatives I’m trying so…so hard to not just explode and fall out…God I don’t want to cry any more I don’t want to explode with foul language and leave me alones.

Was I ever really read or understood…God. most fond memory of this spit was showing my face and pain was written all over….and still I was misunderstood. ..

She saw it different and panicked. ..that was where my heart lays…


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