It’s crazy how our lives fluctuate. Ups and downs and all the inbetweens. Somehow one day everything feels hopeless and like the world is against you. But the next, you’re on top of the world ready to face anything thrown at you. Enjoy it while you can guess.

“Before everything, before even humans, there were stories. A creature at a fire, conjuring a world with nothing but its voice and a listener’s imagination. And now, me and thousands like me, in little booths and rooms and mics and screens all over the world, doing the same for a family of listeners, connected as all families are, primarily by the stories we tell each other. And after, after fire and death, or whatever happens next, after the wiping clean or the gradual decay, after the after – when there are only a few creatures left, there will be one at a fire, telling a story to what family it has left. It was the first thing, and it will be the last.”

I’m suffocating
in memories of mermaids,
swimming to an Atlantis
that, like you and I,
never was.

I have 1 thing
2 say
3 words
4 you
I love you!

I think that’s so cute. A girl in class got a note that said that to her, and was from her crush. And like I said, I’m still a single Pringle, really disappointed with myself that I didn’t have the guts to say something to my crush. But oh well. Anyways, hope everyone had a better Valentine’s day than me.

My thirst was not quenched.
I was dissatisfied.
Not your body.
All I needed was your love.

I’m done being the one looking for answers
So I’m locking lips with champagne glasses
Getting high off my life as the moon dances
Around the stars as I couldn’t be asked to
Care about life’s true meaning as my mind branches
Down the rabbit hole dropping me off at wonderland
Underground is where I feel safe, in the darkness
Where the sun never comes up, so it’s bottles up
And we’ll do it all over again tomorrow and the day after

is “polyamorous” just a fancy word for long-term threeway

Even in the loneliest moments, you
have been there for yourself.

A fragile winter butterfly
Flutters from the sky
So soft and yet her heart
Is cold and made of ice
But if I warm it
She will melt and die

Life went on without you, of course, it did, of course, it does. It was just an ending, they tell me, not the end.

Sun destroys the interest of what’s happening in the shade

Why do people insist you have to be beautiful to be happy? existence itself and the very fact that you are existing is already fascinating and beautiful. Sure it’s nice to be/feel pretty but it shouldn’t be essential to happiness.

Just a traveler with a broken ship trying to find land

Waves rage at the edge
Voices echo in the salty air,
Calm winds dances the leaves away
Cotton candy sky with an orange sun dies,
Stars shine bright with a moon that shines life,
A Wolf howls at the edge
For a beautiful night.

“I left you, you left me. I guess some things went meant to be.”

Do me a favor and don’t come back…

…because I’ll probably just let you back in until you decide to leave again.

He treats her like a cigarette. He lights the flame in her, watches her burn, and ignores the ashes that fall. Every time he lets out some steam, her flame starts to lose it’s light. Three minutes later, he’ll crush the cigarette with his heal and her flame will be put out. He wasn’t in the mood anymore. He left her alone. He was moving on to another cigarette.


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