She said she was okay.
And you believed her?
Let me tell you what’s wrong with her.
She’s tired.
That’s exactly what she is; tired.
She’s tired of getting hurt.
She’s tired of being let down.
She’s tired of all the lies.
She’s tired of caring to little, and not caring at all.
She’s tired of holding it in.
She’s tired of feeling broken, damaged, worthless, never good-enough, pain.
She’s tired of being judged for everything she does.
She’s tired of all her flaws and insecurities.
She’s tired of trying.
She’s tired of getting her hopes up.
She’s tired of being treated like shit.
She’s tired of being herself.
She’s tired,
Want to know how I know all of this?

Because she’s me,  and I’m really tired.


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