What am i to do? I’m just a sacrificial lamb of life’s inadequacies and imperfections. I am a product of compassion and of indifference. I am the infant borne through foolish ideals and a defeated purpose.

Life has unmade me when it has made me. For in between this process, the soul learned to yearn for freedom; he mind teetered on its sanitgy and; the heart held on to its humanity. How ironic it is to become aware of a world nurtured in hate and misunderstandings? How cruel it is to be awakened to a spoiled environment cultivated by the struggle for power and superiority! A soul could only walk upon this life blinded by confusion, uneducated by the ideals of yesterdays; a heart loves in spite of its tiredness.

I’ve learned that to get out of life, I need to get through it – I need to complete the cycle, accept the possibilities and realities, and be a slave to its cruelties – then pack and leave. Move on. It’s quite disheartening when I’ve chosen to follow shortcuts all through my lifetime; but in the end, I’ve realized that setbacks and failures hit less and create less impact if I have stuck by the rule, and if I could have chosen the longer route. This is because, by then, the whole trek would have numbed me and it would have taught me to deal better with the other journeys ahead. What lies outside of life is nothing but a barren sea of serenity, which could be enjoyed better when I’ve made sense of what it is really contained in life had I penetrated deeper than the surface.

To go through life means having to prepare one’s self for hardwork and an extra more for the disappointments.


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