Shots fired from one side , and from the other.
Shooting at each other. The shooting that seems to be never ending.
All the damage that’s been done. Scars everywhere.

The shooting still going, burning my ear drums.
The chaos drowning me.
The battle still being fought. The battle that’s been going on for so long now.

Will the battle finally be over?
Will one of the shooters finally be gunned down?
I open my eyes; I see nothing but stillness.
But the shooting going on in my mind, has drown out any stillness that was left.
One shooter: sorrowful, accepts no positivity nor any hope.
The other shooter: positive, hopeful, accepting no sorrow.

My brain is the battle ground.
The war’s been going on so long now.
The winner seems apparent.

I wonder who the victor will be?
I wonder, when this battle will finally be over, what will the cost be?
Let the shooting go on, for the damage is already done, and it won’t stop, until one has won.


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