Skanky air, She loves to think and he loves to think.

Too often, the thing you want most is the thing you can’t have. desire leaves us heartbroken. it wares us out; it can wreck your life but as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most are those who don’t know what they want.

Can we love with a love that was more than love?

The torture of small talk, with someone you used to love.

Slow and steady falling flightless down forms of forever. She danced in circles ending wherever. Harps played quietly, quickly after. Falling into patterns of simple pleasure. Breathing steps of beauty looked out upon window panes. Steadily seeping, she slowly drains. That which she couldn’t quite calculate, catching up to her slowly spinning skate. Twirls and swirls spinning around, hair flowing upwards and back to the ground. Longing for destiny she perched upon the gates of more. Her heartbeat slowly gaining to a steady roar. Love is her gift and fierce is her name. She looks at life as if it were a game. Come follow me she ever inquires. That same passion sparks many fires.

Dancing on coals of life and hope she encourages those at the end of their lifeless rope. Don’t give up, fight one more day. For if you can fight, surely you can play! Life is fun and fun is grand, so go on then and take her hand. Spin in circles of never ending cheer, and when you’re done you’ll have forgotten your fear. Fall in love with her freedom, fall in love with her dance. Only once in a while will you be given this chance. Freedom is beckoning, answer its call. You’ll have captured a bit of love in the fall.

Fallacy falling forgetting herself. Don’t contradict your heart. Fellow followers forgetful in fun. Forgiving freedom can slowly be won. Clawed attempts at countless grace, were it not for our fears we face. Fresh fantasies falling in place. Stars float freely by in space. Developing detours towards death itself. We cannot repay towards our own wealth. Follow your heart in its simpler endeavors, but don’t get caught up in its winding forevers. Fixate on truth for redemption of your youth. Insanity follows courage if you forget yourself. Be strong and bold but share in sensible health. Don’t forget your freedom in the face of troublesome figures. Forget the boundaries of their fake fixtures. Love boundlessly towards a depth unmeasured and seek out others character to be pleasured. Don’t fall for folly, fall for flavor. Restlessly fixating on your forever. Destiny is what you make it. Make it great, but don’t you fake it. Forgiveness is less comfortable than feeling freshly free but don’t give up your honest humanity. Freely forgive those who’ve forgotten grace and sail towards the stars in outer space.

I just want to help the world while inside I’m breaking away.
Little by little; Day by day
Slowly the fade begins
Sad and upset, I start up again committing sins.
Staring at the wall
Want to commit one last fall
Writing this letter
Wishing it could’ve been better
No if, ands, nor buts
I think as I cry with these cuts
I hit the floor with a thud
As I lay in a pool of my own blood
Before I close my eyes
With my last breath, to the world, I say goodbye

Please go away._
Disappear into midair.
I don’t need your skanky air.

Love could be labled “poison” and I swear we would drink it anyways..

Your expert hands pull delicate strings,
A puppeteer whose puppets are blind,
The poison that drips from your tongue
Is a sweet addiction to the gullible mind;

Clever lies and words skillfully phrased,
A wicked gleam behind innocent eyes,
Manipulating any and all in your way
Relentlessly until you attain your prize;

Seemingly irresistible, a tempting tune,
Your melodious promise of paradise,
To which your victims endlessly dance
Mere pawns to serve as your sacrifice;

But be careful, should your facade fail,
Near impossible it is to regain lost trust,
Long held admiration is quick to vanish
And just as quickly replaced by disgust.

She thinks of love and loves to think,
She wonders if its really that deep or just brief.
She’s bewildered in her own world,
She’s on her own in a bewildered world.

He thinks of love and loves to think,
He wonders if its really that deep or just brief.
He’s bewildered in his own world,
He’s on his own in a bewildered world,

They both think of love and love to think
They need one another to feel complete,
They’re two lost souls that become a whole when they meet
They’re bewildered in their own world,
They’re on their own in a bewildered world

I don’t care if your a liar I don’t care if your a killer I don’t care if your suicidal that shit don’t bother me none just show me yourself


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