The 6 sources of influences:

1. Personal Motivation – Do I want to? Am I motivated? (How much do I want to change and why? E.g. Sharman used a card to keep reminding herself when faced with food temptations.)

2. Personal Ability – Can I do it? If not, can I learn a skill to achieve it? (E.g. AJ knew her Dad was a stumbling block she had to overcome. She would succumb whenever he offered a cigarette to her. She learned how to talk to him about this issue.)

3. Social Motivation- Do I have encouragement and support? Someone who keeps me on track? (Identify friends from accomplices. If you can’t turn accomplices to friends, i.e. they are not serious in helping you, stay away from them!). People surrouding you — cheer you up, train you (vs) pull you down, lure you away rewards and incentive..

4. Social Ability – Do I have someone to coach me, give me feedback to improve?

5. Structural Motivation – Do I have any rewards or incentives to keep me going?

6. Structural Ability – Am I in an environment which helps to control my space? Is it possible to make my good behavior easy and my bad behavior hard? (E.g. Get rid of junk food in the house. Make healthy food easily available and junk food out of reach.)

“A plan is not a plan, until it specifies how you deal with setbacks.”

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