My emotional episode from last night has really made me somewhat depressed today.

On the outside I seem fine like nothing is bothering me, and still willing to help others. All I can say is “I’m tired.”

On the inside I’m struggling with a lot of little things. Like the way my ex lit up every time she talked about her favorite things, making her laugh from my shenanigans, the random cuddles and kisses, the dates and spontaneous adventures, the late night conversations while laying in bed together, etc….

I mean I really enjoyed the frequent sex we had, but everything else outside that had made me feel just as good. For once I felt so wanted and loved. For once I thought I was someone’s world. For once I thought I felt safe.

It isn’t my ex herself I miss at all after what she did. It was the special companionship that did nothing but make me smile. I miss that so god damn much…

Love is every bit as violent and dangerous as murder.
Knut Hamsun

Be wary of the cleopatras in todays’s society.. Their numbers have grown enormously while the odds for men to become a caesar are constantly deminishing!

Well the post and its comments do elaborate more on how most of the things listed do tend to be employed more by girls rather than boys

All generalizations are false, but to put it simply: boys fuck you up physically while girls fuck you up psychologically. So as the same time we tell boys to stop beating up girls physically we should tell girls to stop beating up boys mentally

Fuck me like it’s our last night on this earth

‘I am 65 years and have been held back from living to my true potential all my life. I cried through the entire speech. What does that tell you about the lesson this girl has to teach.? To all you young people out there. Fear is the biggest dream stealer. It never goes away. But, you can change your relationship to it by conditioning yourself to act in the face of it. If do this, when you reach my age, you will not have the regrets I do.’

“Nothing in this world can fill that lonely hole you have. You will wander the darkness for eternity”

Yes I know I’m a wolf
And I’ve been known to bite,
But the rest of my pack,
I have left them behind.

“Struggling Kills You Quicker”

There are emotions
Which tend to take a hold of our ankles
And drag us down beneath the waves

We struggle to swim free
Back to the open air of confidence and content ramblings

But affection,
If there’s nowhere to release it,
Can drown any beholder

I walked in darkness, breathing so slowly it was as if I wasn’t breathing at all, in fear of making even the slightest of sounds, for I know that if I make known my presence, the cloaked figure shall creep upon my shaken form, to take what debt I owed. He wants me to be afraid, for fear is like a drug to him leading him with a sweet aroma.

My heart quickens at the point where I fear it will jump out of my chest and leave me to my doomed fate. My tears and pleads of mercy mean nothing to him, as he reaches his white boney hand to me.

My mind feels like it is in a daze and my nerves are screaming for me to run, but my hand starts moving towards the hand that took so many other people before me. My fingers closed around the creature’s hand as it’s boney fingers dug into my skin.

The face of the cloaked being that is not of human race, is hidden under a black cloak that looked to be as old as time.

My feet then leave the ground and I am flying. I look down and there was my body laying on the ground as if sleeping. The figure that is keeping me airborn is starting to pull me up higher and higher.

I started screaming saying that I wasn’t ready to go, and that I still had so much to do; but I knew that my pleading made no difference to death, because one way or another Death Always Wins. (I wrote this myself please do not steal it, i have had to much in life stolen from me so all I have left is my writings.

What has happened to me?
I used to be social so free..
I could talk to you but you wouldn’t enjoy it
But there’s one thing I don’t get
We bonded over the pain we’ve been through
But now you just burry it down you aren’t the person I once knew
I miss our old talks but I’m never noticed
It feels like your in a state of hypnosis
I’m not going to claim im a poet
And although it may hurt to know you’ll ignore this
This poem isn’t something to dismiss..

I looked into your eyes and I began to know

I saw the evil and the heart as cold as snow

I put you on the counter ever so sweet

I kiss you and it tasted every so neat

The pleasure came with a numbing embrace

You left scratches down my chest

And the stimulation came at a alarming rate

The touch the feel made me feel so alive

The sweet sensation was a intoxicating drive

But I woke up the morning and I realized it was all just a dream

I laid there and thought what could this all mean

I turned the page and started to burn away

A sensation that I wish could forever stay

It’s been months and I’m still drowning in you.
Let me breathe. – Michaela Rule

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.

– Aristotle

Love is like an ocean. It is far and wide but most people are afraid to go too deep. They are afraid they will get hurt by the unknown. But once you explore the deep depths of the ocean only then do you find true beauty.


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