[On Intense Realism,]

We live in an age of generalized anxiety. We fear not, if we’ll survive the next attack from an enemy tribe, if we’ll gather and hunt enough natural resources to sustain ourselves or if we’ll find shelter and warmth nearby a fireplace in a cave. While the intensity of the dangers we face lessened throughout human evolution, our sense of fear, an emotion that kept us alive, manifested in a different form, one that greatly limits our potential and our worries dramatically grew in number.

Instead of real threats, we began to fear the loss of material wealth, worry about our status in society, about what the unknown future will bring, about illness and growing old, things as petty and nonessential as the uneducated opinions of people we personally dislike. Not until we have a near death experience or almost lose one of our loved ones are we reminded of what truly matters. And it’s at this point, when we live through a tragedy, that we are aware, that we see the world through our heart… for a couple of days, maybe even weeks, until we forget and get sucked back into focusing on our next promotion, social acceptance and superficial qualities.

See the reality of the world you live in. Question the status quo. Knowledge is power. The more you obtain of it the better off you are. Remind yourself of what’s important to you and what isn’t constantly. We’ve been wired in a way that makes us pay more attention to the negative and black out the positive. You’re aware of this and you don’t let yourself be seduced by comfortable lies, constant outrage and wishful thinking.

Key to living fearless / facing your fears (there’s no difference, it’s really just semantics) is knowing your environment like the back of your hand.

[On Mortality,]

We are going to die. There is no way around it. You fear death, because you fear life. If you were living life to the fullest, you’d be prepared to die at any moment. Like let’s imagine for a second, this was our final destination, I know it’s a scary thought, but bear with me. If we asked ourselves right now “Did I truly live the life I wanted and make the most out of it?” The answer for most of us is “No, not really.”, but here’s the positive. It’s not too late for us, we’re very fortunate to have opportunities that our ancestors couldn’t even dream up. You can start right now and if you’ve already started, you can keep going. Every morning you wake up is a blessing. You might not see that, because you hate your job, I’ve been there, but that doesn’t mean you hate life. Your job is the problem. It’s designed to waste your life, so the people you’re working for live all the memories & stories that you deserve. You want a reason to subscribe? I’ll go hard on this subject very soon, on how to make the system work for you, not the other fucking way around.

Live an extraordinary life. Your days are numbered. You won’t get another chance. This is what you’ve got. You can play and win the game with the hand you’ve been dealt. It’s up to you how well you execute, no matter the circumstances you were born in. You might have to work harder than everybody else in order for it to pay off in the end, but you can’t expect anything, if you waste your time. Eventually, every second you chose to sacrifice for immediate gratification will accumulate and hit you hard. Value your time, invest it intelligently, know who to have time for and how much, appreciate every moment and you will see positive results. If you fuck up today, start again tomorrow. Not new year’s eve, but the second you wake up, it’s on. Break the devil’s cycle, before you become entrenched in it.


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