Dear future lover,
We’re both walking past by each other on the streets.
Unrecognisable to each other
We’re just strangers now
You’re out here loving someone else
Giving the right love and affection
To the wrong person.

Sorry in advance for making myself, so hard to find.
While still in the process of healing.
Sorry in advance for the tears you have shed
And not being on time to save your heart
From all these people you once gave your love to.

But do not give up on love
Because in the right moment
The right time
Our time will come
We meet face to face
We will recognise each other
When our eyes make contact with each other’s
We will make up for the time
The opportunities
We have missed with each other
Because we were busy
giving our love
That was meant for us
to wrong people.

All of our break ups
Heart breaks and the pain we’ve felt
The tears we both have shed
In the past will finally make sense

I cannot promise you that
Our relationship will be prefect
But let me be real with you
Our relationship won’t be perfect
It will be a crazy roller coaster ride
There will be ups and downs
It’s our choice to enjoy the ride
Or to scream
And complain how scary it is.

I will choose to enjoy the ride
Because it will be with you and I will be holding your hand.
Your touch will make the ride enjoyable.
Because you make the world less scarier
You will be my safe zone 
And I will yours

I will be there to save you.

So do not give up on hope
Do not give up on love


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