Love is what makes sex more than masturbation. If there is no love even if you are really with a partner you masturbate with a partner.

Perhaps he was right and im sure that we have the same opinion, that we are too afraid when sitting along with our own thoughts. So we have distracted ourselves much as it takes. Smh.

It brought me, about the differences on self coping methods we had. We are all addicts, we are seeking validations but in different ways.

Why do you think people stop chasing their dreams?

Everyone wants to achieve them, why are not they chasing them?

Do you ever feel like you just climbed a mountain and than you climb down exhausted. And once you take that last step down. You look up from looking down at that last step you took just took, and you find yourself staring up at another mountain that you have to climb.

Sex is boring. I wanna make love with your thoughts, i want to drown myself into your mind, i want you to kiss my lips with your questions, i want you to stroke my neck with your both hands while you sing me a song about life.

How to make the best sarcasm ever! : just use his words and re-quote them then throw them to the target man.

Loving you was like navigating a dense fog. I convinced myself i knew the shapes of our landscape but when the sun broke thru the mist i realized i had been filling in blanks to comfort myself, and everything i thought i knew about us then i left, not recognizing what had made me fall in love in the first place.

I gave you all the air in my lungs and you lost it by kissing someone else.

I set the sail. Decided to be alone, hell it is cold enough to be hibernate. Let it drive, let it drive into the snow. Maybe this is the how I choose how it is operate. Dunno where to sail. Just set the sail and get hauled away.

Stroms coming down. I just wearing thin. Wish that I coming up dry or maybe it is the matter of the time.



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