Mischief x Harlem Spartans x Kuku | Last Ones Left


[Verse 1: Mischief]
They got the bros on lock cause of the obbos
We the last ones left
Still catch me out here on my solo
We the last ones left
They ain’t making money like us
I know them guys are stressed
I see them feds tryna lurk
They left the guys all stressed
Do it for the K that’s certain
No ifs, buts or maybes
My bros call me Misch or Misch Mash
Thess gyals calling me baby
Dons getting smoke on the corn, tryna act for the ladies
Doing passy in a round 4 door
Got bros in the back like Bailly

[Verse 2: Active]
Don’t move silly, I just popped out with TG, Mizzy
Over ‘dere, one shank and a 9 milli
Meek Mill ting couple bikes cutting thru Philly
Not in the states man cutting thru brikky
A man know we tear up the city
Niggas getting nine shank, moves like 50
Or 22 in the Wraith, that’s sticky
Spartans stepping, immortality, war pack
Member, SA, carry around two shanks
Had the sword in his backpack
TG four long in a hatchback
Ready to clap man, ride and attack man
Free all my gang fam
Trap house; Marilyn, Emma and Jackson
We smashin’, on the ends, ready for action
Crashings where no one ain’t crashin’
[Verse 3: Zico]
Pack and not panic
Make ‘dem man do the mannequin
See, feds gotta dash or I’m dashing
One of these feds gotta have it
I was with bro tryna bang out
You was in a hole tryna blow that back out
I don’t wait for no hand out
Ballie on, just run in and run out
Tryna get that boss cah I got no olders
Suttin’ like soldiers
Get cooked in the beef then turn bipolar
Like how many times have we rolled out?
Ching ching, guts out, don’t throw up
Bro caught a case with some donuts
It’s jail house settings when he phones us
(House settings when he phones us)

[Verse 4: NM]
Still slang, still slang, still slang
What you know about them kits dem kat?
What do you know about the Trident takin’ all the fam
Cah they did so much shit for the gang
JoJo, SA and Sav
D1 fresh out of the can
TY too, Loski loose
G’Smarko, he’d be gone by tonight
Trap mash stack and splash
Ching man if they talkin’ wass
If you see Miz in all black
I told man don’t do the dash
Cah he’ll cab, jump then splash
Splash man’s back for the chat
Hella chit-chat like fans
Misch Mash for the fuckin’ bands
Band and slang for the fam
Trust me, gang
[Verse 5: Bis]
Spartan rage
Like swords swinging out at your melon
Or mash kicking back like Tekken
Tetris with double O 7
Hackz is Ku to the ends
I’m Spartan for life
Spartan or Ku
Then back to them pretty new flats
Yeah we catch [?] they dash
Round boss
I don’t do banking qway in traps
Miz-Mac finesse ‘nuff man
Talking ‘bout going up O
He’ll be back with funds
They’ll get like zero
Harlem O
Mish-mash cash woah woah
They, still tryna bag my flow
Fam, I’m tryna bag my flow

[Verse 6: Oso]
I don’t play them games, don’t lack or dash
You lack, you dash
Don’t get caught by Naghz Max and wacked
In and out of the opp blocks
See 3s with the 4
Or the 4 plus 5 that’s a 9
On the ride it’s mad
Man, camp like man done
Look, tryna score goals like Hackz
Man, tweet like bruckshot means
Never bruck that Ps
He’s tryna qweng it at my man
Olders running in loubs
Bro should’ve done him like…
And qweng out his head back
Qweng out the chest
Qweng out what back
His young Gs washed as fuck
Man better duck if the 4s getting up
Or the swords getting clutched it’s muad
[Verse 7: Shorta]
Why so violent
Corn gon’ slap like mad
Better not get caught by trident
Ay, all day oso trappy
Man a man trap in silence
Tryna do feds them too if I got it
But I ain’t running from sirens
Nobody seen me running from sirens
Telling gyal I don’t talk under the covers
We fuck I don’t know about lovers
Real bad boy like go and be brothers
We fucked the craziest sex
I ain’t pulling out, we gon need some rubbers
Anytime man do road it’s KuKu O
Or some Harlem others

[Verse 8: O’boy]
Like trap, trap get bread
Done told them man
Add a K get knifed, get drenched
Nah you don’t really wanna see knives rise up
So start slanging at heads
Nah you don’t wanna see eyes catch up
Start swinging at necks
Nah you don’t really wanna see GFace
Ku bop and do him again
No they ain’t friends, only got brothers
Hand on my heart, swear on my mothers
I bang for my brothers
Bro done crossed that knife
Last time that you crossed it
‘Bout diligent, you’re innocent
Man walk in the Brix, walk in the Brix
Man’s taking a piss, taking a piss
Man just lean in your bitch, lean in your bitch
Man can’t come to the Prince, come to the Prince
Man all run with the wind, run with the wind
Man all run with the wind, run with the wind


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