Either way it’s gonna be cliché
So I’ll say what I mean and mean what I say
Most like the good guys, I like the bad
I know all about the dark times they’ve had
I can’t relate to the perfect face of a perfect runner in a perfect race
If you’re predisposed to win the battle there’s nothing real in all the rabble
You’re the quintessence of a protagonist but in your pompous assessments there’s one thing you missed

The appearance of malevolence stems from things you can’t perceive
You don’t know what’s underneath, perhaps a roaring lion with tiny teeth?
A haughty facade, a mask of defiance, to keep concealed a life of coercive compliance
Go ahead and call them a villain
But you don’t know the conditions of the life they’ve been livin’
A choice wasn’t made, for one wasn’t given
You’d act the same if you were raised proud elite driven
Judge at first sight and it’ll be returned
Have unfounded suspicions, how unlearned

Not all villains are evil, not all heroes are nice
I’ve found this to be true more than once or twice
Like whichever you like, I honestly don’t care
But don’t always hate the villain if no reasoning’s there


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