I walked in darkness, breathing so slowly it was as if I wasn’t breathing at all, in fear of making even the slightest of sounds, for I know that if I make known my presence, the cloaked figure shall creep upon my shaken form, to take what debt I owed. He wants me to be afraid, for fear is like a drug to him leading him with a sweet aroma.

My heart quickens at the point where I fear it will jump out of my chest and leave me to my doomed fate. My tears and pleads of mercy mean nothing to him, as he reaches his white boney hand to me.

My mind feels like it is in a daze and my nerves are screaming for me to run, but my hand starts moving towards the hand that took so many other people before me. My fingers closed around the creature’s hand as it’s boney fingers dug into my skin.

The face of the cloaked being that is not of human race, is hidden under a black cloak that looked to be as old as time.

My feet then leave the ground and I am flying. I look down and there was my body laying on the ground as if sleeping. The figure that is keeping me airborn is starting to pull me up higher and higher.

I started screaming saying that I wasn’t ready to go, and that I still had so much to do; but I knew that my pleading made no difference to death, because one way or another Death Always Wins. (I wrote this myself please do not steal it, i have had to much in life stolen from me so all I have left is my writings.


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