“His Promise”

He sat in a room full of silence,
With no thoughts of fighting back tears,
Brought on by a heart full of memories,
As his mind turned through pages of time;
For she looks just the same in his mind ,
With the beautiful wisp of a smile.

Her thoughts are in every corner,
What wonderful years spent together,
Next week would make sixteen in all,
But she had to leave him for heaven,
And it breaks his heart to recall.
Oh, time, you’ve turned all his days into years.

But now in his mind full of memories,
He’s certain she’d never forgive,
If he failed to remember the good times,
That they’d come to know through the years;
So he knows in his heart he must promise,
Her more than just self pity and tears.

Lord, promise you’ll give us forever,
When someday the river I cross


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