today, i saw the extremities of life. i saw every emotion that human beings are capable of, and just how strange we can be.

I saw my mother break when my brother died. i saw her being rebuilt by her grandchildren.

I saw regret in my sister-in-law when she arrived too late to see him. i saw hatred in my sister when she saw our sister-in-law get out of her car.

I saw pure, unadulterated love in the people who came to be with me and my family today, and in my niece and nephew, who showed me why people love children so much. i saw pain in the tears that everyone cried.

I held my brother’s hand as he was passing. I felt my voice break when i called my godparents and told them what had happened. i know that i am here for a reason; what exactly that is, i’m not sure yet. but i know that i’m going to help as many people as i can, while i’m here. i have been lied to, cheated on, thrown away, forgotten.

Here i remain, even for those who’ve hurt me in the past. I am blessed to have learned from my experiences and i am blessed to know the people that i know/have known.

I know that some days it  hurts to exist. i know what it’s like to be in excruciating agony. i know what it’s like to be in love. i will always be here.

Regardless of my feelings or how much it may hurt me, i will be here.


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