You spend your days asunder. Wandering listlessly through isles of wonder. Thinking to yourself, you’re nothing but a bother. A simple thought of you gives meaning to my phrases. But here I am, letting you occupy my thoughts. Taking residence as the air I breathe You’ve carved your name into me So darling, feel at ease.

Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between rights and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights. All this time I put myself down for you but you acted like you never seen them.

Sometimes I love the void between us. Cause sometimes the more we talk, the less words mean.

I see her standing there full of happiness looking up at the sky. I see her dancing without a care in the world. I start to walk over but the anxiety of doubt and fear of what she may think so I stop where I stood. She looks up and sees me from where she stands. She runs over with the prettiest smile and then says to me, “do you want to dance?” I said that would be a joy. Love started when the music of lost souls became one, under the sky. The problem is I’m too shy to dance in first.

Can A demon possibly fall in love?. Can it feel that pull in their heart? Can a demon feel at home. Curled up in a lover’s arms? And could a demon feel like that towards an angel?. A being just as powerful, but from opposite sides of the astral? And could that angel ever return that love?. Eyes meeting eyes, both with too many to count, wings tangled together? Could the angel ever look past the fact. That the demon has done wrong. Has done unspeakable things?. Could a demon fall in love?. The answer is yes, but it is unrequited.

You know… for some of you all this is the most intimate you’ll get. You’ll broadcast your secrets for understanding and relief, but in the end we’re more alone because we won’t do it in our actual lives.. We depend on you for our emotional needs (whether that includes acknowledgement or not) but simultaneously we are cut off from our actual lives from this mask of anonymity we created.

Just remember – when you think all is lost, only the future remains.

I remembered the night when she told her stories at the same time she cried. Then I said : when you can tell your story, and it makes you cry, that is when you know you have healed.’ — Now my words come around against me, what if it doesn’t make you cry, that is when I know I have healed yet. I guess…

Do you ever feel like you just climbed a mountain and than you climb down exhausted. And once you take that last step down. You look up from looking down at that last step you took just took, and you find yourself staring up at another mountain that you have to climb.

Sex is boring. I wanna make love with your thoughts, i want to drown myself into your mind, i want you to kiss my lips with your questions, i want you to stroke my neck with your both hands while you sing me a song about life.

“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life.” – Pablo Neruda

How many scars did we justify because we loved the person holding the knife?

It is okay to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain. – baymax

Sex is the consolation you have, when you can’t have love.

Loving u was like navigating a dense fog. I convinced myself i knew the shapes of our landscape but when the sun broke thru the mist i realized i had been filling in blanks to comfort myself, and everything i thought i knew about us then i left, not recognizing what had made me fall in love in the first place.

I gave you all the air in my lungs and you lost it by kissing someone else.

Hug me from inside..

He was a silent fury.. Kind type of person like volcano mountain without eruption. And no torment could tame

Gw kadang suka monologue, jangan-jangan that im suffered from my false self consciousness which constructed on my own. Jadi apa dong yang real? Bisa jadi hanya diri gw. Semua narasi dari awal komentar yang gw buat disini ya false consciousness.



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