We’re just imperfect manifestation of what we’re dreamed to become when we were young. We often cursed ourselves in the lonely nights. That we, not somebody else, had disappointed ourselves. That life had defeated us. We then usually listened to sad songs, which is just worsening the situation, and makes the misery even deeper. But we just can’t help it. It at the same time also feels like our way to heal.

At some point of life we just don’t know where to go, or what to do. And it happens quite many times. We’re just a child, abandoned in strange place, looking for our fathers, who’s hiding right after he let go of our hands. And we’re cursed for life to find him, to find a figure for us to hold. And all that he left was just a promise that he will give you sign, he will guide you. But you can’t deceive yourself, you feel nothing. You feel empty. And that’s all you now have. And you have to deal to live with it for your entire life.


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