And on that night, war was declared,
She was the victim of all of my kisses,
I kept whispering, darling please beware,
Tonight you lose your pride, and dress
She laughed at first and said we’ll see,
Who’ll win this war is it you or me,
But I’ll fight you back, and I won’t quit,
And with those thirsty lips you’ll flee,

I interrupted her speech with a kiss,
She kissed me harder just as she said,
You’re losing, love, as I held her up,
And threw her body right on to the bed,
I kissed her lips, her face, and neck,

She moaned as I was on my way below,
By that time I played all of my tricks,
While she was the one to take it slow,
She got right up and got me to unbelt,
And she could’ve felt all that blood flow,
I undressed her and her body I felt,


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