Skin… tells you how to touch it if you listen

And yours has been yelling

Telling the story of yes and no, stop and go slow like a snail that knows the next rainfall is at least a week away I listened to your skin say “right there”

As if there was where goosbumps become speedbumps my fingers become treetrunks slowly growing into forests

My skin becomes kindling as we begin smoke signaling lips to move in Your mouth was a bargain bin and I was looking for a deal

It was practically boxing day when I heard your skin say “your clothes. Are 100 percent off” and “your concerns were out of stock”. I could listen to your skin talk for the better part of weeks alone as it will speak to me of you turning knowledge into residues

Values determined by how much pressure I apply when I place my hands where you want me to

Vocal Acompanyment

You are the smiles I have sought with such relentlessness as if the dismisall of the aspects of my life and focus on now and how it is you came to be an answer to the question I asked myself the time I was alone Ive grown from the head.down refusing to plant my feet to the ground because only statues were made to stand still And i will walk to you so long as I hear your skin say you’ve got my back like vertebrae And that this constant back ache stems from the fact that you’ve cracked these bones back into position.

So I may stand for more than “beauty is on the inside” or “you can make it if you try” I am not a god damn symbol I just like you I put my pants on one leg at a time The only difference is when my pants are on… I am awesome But you want my pants off and well thats fucking awesome So you can save Roman hemmesy for someone other than me cause I wil be sober for this You can dismiss ice cubes, candle wax, handcuffs, and all that other stuff because I refuse to believe that my touch is not enough to turn you on because I will touch you like going is the new drug and both of us are gone I want your body to be something I did wrong I want you to hold on to the gifts of me

Vocal Accompanyment

This is just to say. I’d imagine you saran wrapped in black latex, where seeping out the edges is something tight and red

And i’ll close my eyes to dream of you, your back arched of the impossible angle of a bow pulled tight encouraging your shoulder blades to drip the blood of stock piled broken hearts

But I hope the sound of you not shielding your eyes from my blinding humility will one day top the charts Its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard and you’re the Charlie Chaplin of your beautiful cause you make me say it all without saying a word and look what occured to me I could sit around all day, wearing nothing but your kiss You make mirrors want to grind themselves back down to sand because they can’t do your reflection justice

And this just in Im done with those who in life would’ve made me fight an army of imperfections a butallion of flaws. Tonight. We’re gonna keep this city up when they hear our bodies slap together like a bloss

Vocal Accompanyment


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