He who has a why can endure anyhow.

Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that.

I just want to tracking the pathway deepdown inside you for discovering your life purpose or gain deeper insight for me, unto yourself.

To breathe life into what make you come alive? people who dont stand for something can easily fall for anything.

Are you ever mirroring yourself to your parents, to your dreams and what it feels like?

What do i care about? What do i love about my life? what can i do with my time? does your live is matter? why? what make you come alive?

What is your purpose and passion in life? 

Life is all about destroying yourself in a goodway

You know you are not genius, you are not picasso…!!!

Orang sukses itu orang yang suka terhadap apa yang ia kerjakan.

You just sit there and accept the shock, learned helplessness.

If my education doest work, i dunno what i have to do…!!! My education is gotta work…!!!

Nothing wrong with being scared, but what is wrong with it is when that fear, keeps you from doing the things that would make your life a hundred times better.

The more scared you are of something you want to do, the more you need to do it to honor your trueself.

Dog in the box, just accept the shock. 

Semakin gw sadar bahwa hidup ini itu immortal, semakin gw dapat essence dari hidup ini. Semakin gw merasa setiap menit dalam hidup ini berharga. Bahwa ini kesempatan yang gw tunggu-tunggu tuk mengerjakan sesuatu yang gw inginkan. Bahwa ini ialah opportunity.

Menurut gw genre ini mengajarkan ketakukan to defend yourself so you must attack someone, and confidence. Fearless. Ruly but educated.

The problem is everybody want to knock you down. But the mind is the more powerful tool. At some point bahwa gw sadar, gw lebih takut kehilangan waktu gw. 

Hidup ialah sekumpulan pilihan, sama seperti elu pilih satu lagi dari sekian banyak lagu di playlist elu, mungkin elu akan hapus beberapa, tapi pada akhirnya elu akan menemukan lagu yang elu suka. Dan tinggalkan lagu yang bukan diri elu. Mungkin gw akan cerita ini semua ke dospem gw tentang kenapa gw menghilang selama ini.

Increase my challenge i would get better, you get better you increase your challenge.

Move away from the boredom, apathy, and worry… and move towards ecstasy which is what you will experience when you hit the state of optimal experience.

It is not that we have a short time to live but that we waste much of it, life is long enough and it is been given measure for accomplishing the greatest things. Look life is not short but you are just wasting most of it. You are always drunk and unconscious.

You are willing to spend time with people that add no meaning to your life and that you dont even like.

You are willing to work as a slave for someone untill you are 60 and done with public duties, and then when you are 60 and finally wake up you look at life and say, where did it all go? NOW YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SHORTNESS OF LIFE…

There is nothing i value more than my time, im like really greedy with my time. 

And im going to say : I am happy i spent my time doing what i thought was meaningful and doing what i loved.

I am glad i spent time with people who were actually important. Time is currency, do you just hand own your money to everyone? ‘i want to waste another 100 of yours’. Sekali lagi bahwa gw hidup momentarily. Sekali lagi gw tekankan bahwa gw hidup momentarily…!!! Did you understand that? That was make me scared of…

Mungkin kalau gw ga berada ditahap ini, gw ga akan sadar bahwa waktu itu berharga banget. 

You can always make another 100 dollars but you cant make another two hours…!!!

Wasting time, meaningless. Gw akan kejar mereka dengan kerja keras gw.




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