Major depressive disorder, are you depressed or something, cause depression leaves you numb. Unable to feel the only feeling you are left with is fear. This is prepetual anxiety, living in fear can become a habit.

So can challenging and overcoming that fear also become a habit, what is instead of allowing fear to control my life, you did something evertyday that scared me.

Instead of focusing on the fear, I would focus on what by beyong the fear. On what I could possibly pursue beyond this fear, you see in life our fears prescribe certain pursuits to us. Pursuits that we feel safe, within the confines or context of the sphere.

I decided for you myself on certain pursuits not prescribed by fear. 

  1. Pursue experiences not things, : you see the one who dies with the most toys win right – stories entrusted to me changed me and by discovering these new worldswere opening up inside me and gradually i started to realize that one single experience on single encounter can add more value to your life. This was really scary at first but you see, you have to let go of what you are holding on to be able to take hold what lies on the other side.

Example : If you can imagine a two year old holding his favorite toy and you wanting to give him a new toy a better one but he doest want to let go of the old toy because he doest understand what you are actually trying to give him something that is nice. That is better than the thing he is cluthing that experience became a symbol of this process of letting go of the importance of lightening our load.

Then i asked myself that is in my backpack right now, is there anything i can let go? what is holding me back is there anything in your backpack today right now, that you can let go?

It doest have to be stuff it can be a draining friendship or maybe some negative thoughts, let it go… Because you see by holding on to what we think has worth, we are depriving ourselves from the opportunity to pursue what is truly valuable (experiences).

2. Pursue Friendship Not Likes

Social media would become a refuge a hiding place a stage on which i could retained that my life was perfect.

3. Pursue challenges not comfort : why dont you push your shipper discover what lies beyond your distant horizons, why not do something today that scares me?



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