When i wrote the game of life is the survival of the fittest, he replied it doest have to be. See too many people already dropped out the race. This is a rat race. It looks like dancing ballerina on music box, playing repetitive songs behind it, but then, so many already dropped out of the race. Some of them will say ‘I have aids, so please leave me alone’. Or crying kids who say on the phone to their parents, but mom and dad say ‘no, you can’t come home’.

Hell the guy on the podium says he sells truth. But you can smell all the politics on his breath. Implicitly he is been doing too many shots of taxes and death. — there is a guy on my street corner who says, he sells freedom. He will give me the needles if I’m broke. If I need them. But you see…. I know what I’m missing. So ain’t try, because freedom is not freedom if you gotta buy it


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