She dimmed every light
as she closed her tired eyes.
She swore this time
that she would finally be alright.
She stated that she’s fine,
“just leave me behind.”
She always thought
that her bed was so kind.
She thought that it would pass
without a second chance.
That one day she’d sway
and be free from the chains.
But it wasn’t so aligned,
as it never felt right,
as in the midst of the night
she found every knife.
She could write a simple song;
she could appear to be strong.
She could sing into the wall
about everything that’s wrong.
As it wasn’t just a life,
it was one hell of a fight.
And she knows that she swore
that tonight she would try,
with the harmony of okay’s
as blood pooled her thighs.
“just look me in the eyes,
you’ll see clearer skies.
You may now dim the lights
as I close my dreary eyes.
I know that I swore,
but tonight I finally lied.
I’ll see you again,
just not in this life.”


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