Time is passing by, fast. We all feel it. It stresses us out when we wake up and somehow it’s half way through the year, or we are older than we ever imagined!

When we feel stressed by time, it’s most likely that we aren’t focused on what is most important to us, we haven’t put time into our goals and dreams and our resolutions are at best, words on a page.

Today, get honest about all the ways that you waste time. Saying you don’t have enough time is an easy excuse that we all use, but in reality, everyone gets the same 24 hours a day and some people get a lot more done. What are your time-eaters?


Surfing the Internet?


Spending time on the phone?.


Sleeping too much?

Constantly checking email hoping for something fun?

Get really clear on what you choose to make more important than your dreams and goals. No one wins when you don’t value your time wisely


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