People want power they want to disguise this wanting of power, so they play games, they covertly manipulate and intrigue all the while presenting a nice, even saintly front.

By essential ignoring this internal, inisivble aspect, we fall to change anything fundamental within ourselves and so in a few years time we reach our limits yet again we grow frustated we crave change.

We grab at something quick and superficial and we remain prisoners forever of these recurring patterns in our lives. The answer they key to the ability to transform ourselves is actually insanely simple to reverse this perspective. Stop fixating on what other people are saying and doing on the money the connections the outward appearance of things instead look inward.

Focus on the smaller internall changes that lay the groundwork for much larger change in fortune, it is the difference between grasping at an illusion and immersing yourself in reality. Reality is what will liberate and transform you.

In any event the gold that you chase after is learning and the acquisition of skills not a fat pay-check. The way to transform yourself is through your work. They are not connected to process so any changes that occurs dont last, instead through our work we can actually connect to who we are instead of running away.

By entering that slow, organic process we can actually change ourselves from the inside out. In a way that is very real and very lasting. This process inlves a journey of self – discovery that can be seen as quite spiritual if you like.



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