1. Ne Te Quaesiversi Extra = Do not seek outside yourself “look within”

The ultimate form of self – mastery lies in searching for answers on your own, relying on noting external. You think for yourself rather than sheepishly accepting other people’s ideas.

You value your individual experience, over the knowledge gained from everything else. That is why reading is not enough. You must apply what makes sense to you and learn from it first hand. You know the lack of conviction would not result in innovating ideas, but in accepting what you have been taught and identifying with it as a whole.

In other words you inevitably end up beliving the nonsense of others, their ignorance spreads over to you if you dont make up your own mind. Ideally you form your opinion on lots of research from reliable sources and sticking to facts logic and persuasive argument.

You are unique, authentic individual, who trust his gut, and understands the profound power of a built – in bold and robust creative force. You understand that staying true to yourself doing what you think is right, is a necessity for true happiness.

You value authenticity and defend your stance in a world of mediocrity in order to keep ahead to keep leading.

2. Be informed :

Once you call the battlefield your home, you have gained a decisive advantage over the enemy. Whatever playground you are in there are rules, there is a limited amount of resource. There is behaviour that leads to success and there is behavior that leads to nowhere.

I think more people should trust their gut absolutely, but you need to have as much of the facts as possible first. Many authors spent their whole life thinking, researching, analyzing and reflecting on a certain subject then writing it all down in a consumbale comprehensible way and you can get that for 20 dollars, outstanding. Iam baffled.

3. Know where you are going : SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable = how will you evaluate the extent to which the goal has been met
  • Achievable = Possible
  • Relevant = Does it fit in the bigger picture, we live once, so we might as well do our thing.
  • Time – Bound = Basically by when do you have to achieve my goals

With what frequencies in what time period? I would rather condense a low intensity work life with little pay into a few high intensity years with the potential of substantial wealth.


4. Make your own decisions :

  • Deep down in your heart you just know exactly what the right thing to do is.
  • It doest really matter what choice you make, because you dont make the right choice or wrong choice – you make a choice and then you make that choice right.
  • You will show the world what you are made off :
  • Dont you stay in their way, for you will hurt yourself

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”



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