Those years were not spent dying they were spent living – living a dream. If you have ever chased a dream you know that it lights a fire in your heart. Whether you reach it or not it warms.

Why do you think people stop chasing there dreams? Everyone wants to achieve them, why are not they chasing them why do people them behind. We are all taught that life is tough.

Life is a bitch, life is hard but it is pretty easy to skate by and go through life. Go from point A to point B to Point C, until you end up at point Z. Where you pass away. Whay am I dying to do. What is it, that puts fire in my chest? UK? Living free? Iam sick of these…!!!

I must have plan to escape from these bars. I will be big, literally like sicily, stand upon my own feet. I dont like to get sense that Iam alone, so I work hard, so I must be smart enough, sly enough. Now I have got vision that Iam a scofield who trying to break from this jail, to escape from these bars and I have to make plans. If I insist to work as a teacher.. I would regret that decision, cause I will do something that I dont want it.

Answering that question is not the end though, that is really just the spark. Becasue once you get that fire burning, you need to feed it, you need to keep reminding yourself putting new coals in there and remind yourself everyday about that goal.

You need to constantly remind yourself that you are dying and that are dying to do something. Because the minute you forget life creeps right back in and life is easy. Dream is also verb has to be lived,it has to be done, it has to be furthered, it has to be acted upon it. It needs to be chased, we are all dying but if you are not chasing you dream, you are already dead.


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