If my heart could talk this would be its manuscript for you

I remember you said you liked my poems
The way you talk about them makes me Swoon
The words that I use always has a purpose
You carved them into something different
They formed something new
Your words pulled me so close to you it’s like we were dancing together
We were dancing on a balance beam
The single string that made us sway back and forth, it soon turned into a highway, two paths can be walked but we favour that string
We can balance together now
My heart is like a goofball it always gets lost in the sand and no one looks for it
I want my heart to be a basketball a heavy thumping in the chest
When you held my hand, everything that was meant to be altered reset itself in your reflection
Your smile, it pulls me, what I wouldn’t do to see that smile cascaded over skylines and wishbones
I burn the forest in mind so I can think of that light that shines so brightly when the lights are out, beautiful things happen in the dark
New ideas are formed ashes are reborn
My heart is pumping out blood it’s working harder for you because it’s seems as if it’s pumping out of my chest when I see you
I pine for your touch, so gentle, like squeezing fresh berries with a steady hand
I perish, I think of my heart burning out most days, that cinnamon heart burn
You look at me and that heart burn evaporates, it expands like a sponge in water
Drip by careful drip I am like this
Someone once told me that a sunset is never the same twice, just like a flower blooming
That flower grows
It feeds off the sunlight
You told me you like my poetry
That’s when I knew I found my muse


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