humans are fucked up.
we are narcissistic, with a need for affection.
as strong as a starving child needs food.
without it,
we are empty, we are lonely, we can’t go on.
we crave love,
and yet hate ourselves.
we hate ourselves.

see, those whose emotions run particularly deep,
have it the worst.
as a lack of nutrition can lead you,
to the blackest pit of the deepest ocean.
and you sit there,
at the bottom looking up,
how in the hell
did no one hear me scream?

and as the pressure crushes you down,
to the size of a teardrop running down your cheek,
you feel the lack of oxygen take hold,
in your dizzy brain.
you sense the utter blackness around you as if,
the walls of water themselves,
are closing in.

and in your last moments of consciousness,
you remember that you could cut yourself open,
just to see a little colour,
before everything turns as black as your pupils.

too bad,
colour is invisible where there is no light to see it.
and you, my dear friend,
are in a very dark place.


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