Had a two hour conversation
with a complete stranger.
Our minds explored.
Thoughts intertwined
Simple words became rich
Full in depth
Aware of my idiosyncrasy
Challenging me

C’était agréable de parler avec vous.

Last year I would honestly admit that it wasn’t the best my words could not describe the amount of misery one person could go through the hopelessness trapping my mind every place i would go. The feeling of constant anxiousness crossed me it would feel like I was facing it all alone they would never notice the sadness in my eyes the quietness in the air . The fakery I once played a part in and yet still managed to be the person they always knew without suspicion.

” It hurts like thorns grow larger and sharper inside my chest, piercing my heart with holes. It feels as if flowers open with every breath I take, blooming colorfully around me. He’s my happiness and sorrow, my ebony mellow. “

I’m falling down a hole,
I wish I was whole.

There’s a void in my heart
Wanting to be filled.

My mind is spinning,
Darkness slowly winning the fight.

There’s a void in my soul,
Wanting to be healed.

They creep in the night
Where they can’t be found
Always in my head, circling around

I caged them there

But they were making it into the light
The days were getting dark
My mind, no longer bright

And I didn’t want you to go down with me

je suis désolé –
il y a des galaxies entre sa jambes, oh comment je l’adore.

When you opened up to someone told them how scared you were to love again, then allowed you to fall in love and just left you like it was nothing makes me never want to love again.



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